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Just click on the 'Login With Facebook' link at the top of the page then you can start listing and sharing your own classified adverts for free.  As well as sharing on Facebook to your wall, other peoples walls and within groups you are subcribed to, you also have the ability to share on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Reddit and Linkedin.

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  • the ability to pay for additional extras/upgrades to enhance listing exposure.

  • the option to place items up for auction.

  • the ability to list items with a 'buy-it-now' option (excluding classified listings).

  • the ability for our users to open and manage their own online shop along with an inclusion to a business directory spidered by search engines.

  • PayPal secure buyer/seller gateway incorperated alowing users to pay or be payed by card  or their paypal account for transactions within the site.

We currently offer 8 general options to those wishing to upgrade from their facebook login account, 2 of which are also Free.  Your facebook account will still stay linked if you choose to upgrade, so you will still be able to login with facebook.
If you upgrade to one of our free accounts ie. 'Jack Listing' or 'Jack Shop':

  • you get less free images per advert, however all the optional 'payed' extras are cheaper as well as the prices for non-classified listings.

  • the "Jack listings" membership doesnt allow you to place items within your own online shop whereas the "Jack Shop" does.

The remaining 6 options available consist of 3 payed shop options and 3 payed listing options.  Basically, the more it costs then the more you get for the money.

If you are interested in any of these upgrade options then drop us a message.  We will offer a years FREE memb
Listing ID: 227

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